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The misconception that Mexico is a third world country that REQUIRES money from the United States to get Mexico “out of the evil hands of the drug lords” is a faulty presumption.  These drug cartels have incredible amounts of money that they freely fund everything in the country.

Americans like to say that “big business” runs our government… well, the “big businesses” running Mexico are the drug cartels. Period. So, giving money to Mexico to help the drug situation is essentially giving money to the drug cartel business to annihilate itself.

Now, the drug cartels are not stupid, while they run the government, “Mexican socialism” runs services like the oil/gas refining industry, public works, education & healthcare.  Let’s take healthcare, while still limited primarily to poor people, the “government” runs the healthcare just poorly enough so that the drug Familias can come in and show some real benevolence.

Drug Lords know how to get support in Mexico…”A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration profile says La Familia gives Bibles and money to the poor, funds schools and pays off local officials.”  ….

Forget Calderon, he is an even bigger puppet than our Dear Leader. Now back to our original story  “A peace march called by local authorities in western Mexico turned into a show of support for a slain drug lord Sunday, with adults and children carrying signs lauding the capo known for handing out Bibles to the poor.”

Mexicans march in support of ‘Craziest’ kingpin | mexicans, mexico, morelia – Top Stories – Valley Morning Star.

Not that it matters, but The Council of Foreign Relations report states:

This report makes clear that the era of the United States as the dominant influence in Latin America is over. Countries in the region have not only grown stronger but have expanded relations with others, including China and India. U.S. attention has also focused elsewhere in recent years, particularly on challenges in the Middle East. The result is a region shaping its future far more than it shaped its past.

Keep this in mind the next time the CFR suggests the United States pass along more money to these Latin American countries.