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So I was a little sceptical after reading this story.  At first, the title conjures up visions of great sacrifice and philanthropy…

At first I thought….warm fuzzy “awwwww”

Followed by a… “wait a minute, yeah right!”

Then “There has got to be a catch here.”

Finally “I better look into this.”

Here is what I gathered…

Back in August of this year, Warren Buffet sent out the call to the wealthiest people to encourage them to give away their wealth. Apparently,the “Giving Pledge” as it is now 57 Billionaires strong. Yadda Yadda, George Lucas, Ted Turner, Barron Hilton…

I was kinda peeved I didn’t see any of those whiny celebrities that we see all over those “for 40 cents, I bought myself a donut hole” commercials, but I digress. You know which annoying ones I am talking about. About page goes on to say….

The Giving Pledge is an effort to invite the wealthiest individuals and families in America to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to the philanthropic causes and charitable organizations of their choice either during their lifetime or after their death.Each person who chooses to pledge will make this statement publicly, along with a letter explaining their decision to pledge. At an annual event, those who take the pledge will come together to share ideas and learn from each other.The Pledge is a moral commitment to give, not a legal contract. It does not involve pooling money or supporting a particular set of causes or organizations.

While the Giving Pledge is specifically focused on billionaires, the idea takes its inspiration from efforts in the past and at present that encourage and recognize givers of all financial means and backgrounds. We are inspired by the example set by millions of Americans who give generously (and often at great personal sacrifice) to make the world a better place.

Each donor is honored on the webpage with a photo and the actual letter that they submitted to GivingPledge announcing their commitment to “pledge” their wealth…. It also comes with a short bio about how hard they have worked and will continue to work….yadda yadda.

Here is the catch I concluded. Will liberals whine at how “unpleaseable” I am that I somehow doubt the benevolence of these rich people? Yes. I mean, who is more confused than a liberal who can hate a rich person and at the same time commend them for outwardly voicing their commitment to give? (anyway)

I looked through the letters.  Mostly, these individuals remind us of how they have ALREADY been generously giving to their personal foundations.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Edutopia and the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Peter G. Peterson Foundation (which is “deeply involved in educating, motivating and, hopefully, activating the public to do something about these problems: our unfunded entitlement promises, our ballooning debts to foreign lenders, our very low savings, mushrooming healthcare costs that threaten to bankrupt our economy) …..Foundation, Foundation, Foundation….

So if I were one of these billionaires, I would say, “I’m rich, I have money to give, and I am giving it to my foundation, just like I’ve been giving it to my foundation in the past. So yeah, nothing has changed. I am just doing what I always do. Thanks for the free PR.”

Not so special now, huh? Why don’t these people give their millions of dollars and pay off our debt to China so that the government will have no excuse but to finally lower our taxes and at some point dismantle the IRS? Wouldn’t that be a hugely philanthropical thing to do? Lower EVERYONE’S taxes?? I mean, instead of paying for 3 kids’ scholarship to some acting school, or pay to have “nuclear proliferation”(which we know it ain’t happenin’) why not lower every single American’s tax bill! Think of the possibilities!

Seriously folks, do (some of) these people think we are that stupid? While people like Ted Turner get to give money to their own foundation, while we are getting told to give our daily 40cents by a bunch of guilt tripping celebrities. 

Feel free to donate your forty cents to my “If I Can Help ONE Liberal See Through The Propaganda Foundation”.

Morningstar CEO To Give Away Half Of Wealth :