Minority Retortess

Hardly a plolitical “activist”, political “advisor”, or political “know-it-all”.

Raised Catholic(but no more), Latina in “general terms. – Texan to be more specific.

Always thought myself as a “Liberal” until I moved to the Bay Area, California from Texas via Salt Lake City.  Not a few weeks into my stay back in 1999 (sometime during the gay parade season) did the “liberal” agenda back-hand slap me in the face, and I said, “Whoa! What the heck is this all about?! I am NO liberal!!”

Took “real” left wing shenanigans to show me what I was not, A bone fide Liberal.

Ever since, I’ve been openly and proudly retorting my fellow minority “camaradas” that a “minority” is NOT obligated to a life of  agendas and stumbling blocks laid down by these “minority loving” left wing nuts.

Nothing minor about THIS minority!

  1. Rod says:

    Jessica…how did I not know you had a blog? Or perhaps just forgot?

    Interesting you thought of yourself as a Liberal. Aside from voting for George Bush Sr., I thought of myself as a liberal also! Even when I was in the military. In fact, I remember talking to conservatives and thinking they were nuts! 🙂

    Ignorance is bliss. Go figure.

  2. Clay McDonald says:

    Hello! I want to thank you for blogging. My wife is from Bogota Colombia and we are both Non-Liberals. In South American politics we see how the Leftist/Liberals there have embraced a Socialist/Marxist ideology. The sad thing is that so many Liberals here in the US are very supportive of them. Just look at all the Liberals that support Hugo Chaves and how Obama gave Lula da Silva a big huge at the Nuclear Conference in DC this week. It seems to me a shame that so many Americans have no clue of what the Socialist/Marxist ideology is (Thank to of unionized public school system). I’m afraid that if Americans don’t wake up and educate themselves, the freedoms we enjoy will continue to erode. Anyway, that’s my rant. Thank you and God bless Latinas!

  3. TexicanCowgirl says:

    I come across this blog by searching Sonia Soto Mayor. I was asked to play her in a Womans Program Honoring women. I thought oh boy! God really does have a sense of humor.
    I am a Texican only Republican conservative from a long line of Democrats. God Bless our U.S. Troops. They are the reason we are free to say and do as we please.

  4. LunaticMarine says:

    Great Stuff!!

  5. Phil Kammer says:

    Great site, and nice to have you on our side…



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