Abortion Lies, Myths & “Facts” the Conservative Right has Swallowed

Posted: January 4, 2011 in health, health care bill, Liberal, Politics, texas, Uncategorized

When I started this blog back in April, Gov. Rick Perry had declared April the Abortion Recovery/Awareness Month here in the Great State of Texas.

“Ending a pregnancy through abortion interrupts the natural birth process and creates significant trauma and stress for those involved in the pregnancy. An abortion is a tragic ending, not only because of the loss of a life, but also because of the physical and psychological trauma caused by the procedure itself.” ~ Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Truer words have never been spoken by him or many of others for that matter.

Fact is abortion is a very heavily weighted issue and one could argue for and against it for months. I’m going to lay it out. I am pro-life. What does that mean? Well let me first explain that there are different “levels” of pro/against abortion. Let’s see if i can do a quick explanation. On the spectrum starting from pro-life, to pro-abortion.

Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion Level 1: Abortion NOT  O.K. EVER (in cases where abortion is CLEARLY MEDICALLY NECESSARY) -under no circumstances shall abortion be performed.
Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion Level 2: Some Abortion is O.K. -Abortion if a. endangers life of mother.   b. rape  c. incest
Pro-Abortion, Pro-Death, Pro-Pro-Killing, or Pro-Choice,
Women’s choice, Right to Reproductive Health, etc…
Level 3 : it isn’t a baby it is a fetus, or maybe just tissue, “ball of cells”. -Kill it up to the first trimester or 12 weeks from conception.-Abortion pill RU-486 is ok.-Abortion is a method of birth-control (much like a condom or diaphragm.)
Pro-Abortion, Pro-Death, Pro-Pro-Killing, or Pro-Choice, Women’s choice, Right to Reproductive Health, etc… Level 4 : it doesn’t matter what the thing is, baby or fetus. -Kill the baby at any stage of pregnancy. If the baby is in third trimester, Induce labor and leave baby to die. (Obama supports this type of killing)

There you go.  For a while now,  I have been a recovering Level 2 pro-lifer and have moved up the scale to a Level 1 pro-lifer.

I realize many people who are fine individuals sit at level 2 thinking that they are doing what is best for a mother, and up until recently I did the same. However, after doing some research, I realized that perhaps I had really fallen victim to the sick lies that the left/democrats/feminists movements had put out in order to make abortion legal in the first place.

This is not a story about Margaret Sanger’s history within the abortion movement but it is a story about the particular lies that abortion movement created to appeal to conservatives like you in order to get you to BELIEVE that to a slight degree, YOU TOO AGREE with the left.

Lets look at the criteria here: You AGREE with Abortion IF:

It a) endangers life of mother – The fact is that women still sometimes to die in childbirth, yes. However not nearly as many die as you would think. And very few women who actually do die from pregnancy die from complications AFTER delivery. Hemorrhage, obstructive labor, infection are the main causes. These symptomatic deaths are not deaths that can be predicted EARLY in the pregnancy -which defeats the idea that we are trying to “prevent” death of the mother by killing the baby.

FACT:About 529,000 women die worldwide every year during pregnancy, childbirth or the immediate postpartum. This is .4% of all pregnancies. The rate in the United States is much lower and it is less than 1% in the developed countries(all inclusive) according to world-wide reports.  On another note: Hillary Clinton and the left wing agenda would have you believe that the public health-care option will take care of all this?

Educate yourself. WHO defines “A maternal death is defined as the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management but not from accidental or incidental causes.”

According to the table on page 34 of the Maternal Mortality Report 2005 – The United States Maternal Mortality rate is at 11 deaths per 100,000, only three more deaths than occur in the UK that same year the research was compiled!

As you can deduce, the myth that abortion should remain legal in order to save a woman’s life because of pregnancy complications is not a theory that holds water and therefore should consider your stance on when abortion should be legalized.

Take time to review this article where “The researchers found that compared to women who carried to term, women who aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, four times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide. Researchers believe the higher rate of deaths related to accidents and homicide may be linked to higher rates of suicidal or risk-taking behavior.”  Abortion Nearly Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

You AGREE with Abortion IF:

b) rape and c) incest – These two may as well get bundled together for simplicity in writing sake. Incest is usually rape(although not always). This is perhaps the one that I’ve had the most trouble justifying as a reason for allowing abortions. I did some research and found a report by Elliot Institute.

Studies showed.

In our survey of women who became pregnant as a result of rape or incest, many women who underwent abortions indicated that they felt pressured or were strongly directed by family members or health care workers to have abortions. The abortion came about not because of the woman’s desire to abort but as a response to the suggestions or demands of others. In many cases, resources such as health workers, counselors and others who are normally there to help women after sexual assault pushed for abortion.

The study also terms abortions as a type of “medical rape”. Victims of rape or incest  often the describe the abortion procedure in this way.

“I soon discovered that the aftermath of my abortion continued a long time after the memory of my rape had faded. I felt empty and horrible. Nobody told me about the pain I would feel deep within causing nightmares and deep depressions. They had all told me that after the abortion I could continue my life as if nothing had happened.”

“Continue my life as if nothing had happened”? – Trauma, be it physical rape or medical, rape is a “procedure” that can not be forgotten.  I challenge any woman who has gone thru a pap smear to tell me she does not remember her last one or the sensations associated with it.

The Feminist Movement in its goal to make abortions legal,  needed a good argument on its side and it needed to convince a great amount of “good” people that its abortion cause was benevolent.  But then again, what movement doesn’t try to advance itself in that fashion? Even malevolent and nefarious movements can conjure a positive argument to further their cause.

Questions and Leftist Arguments

Life begins…?

One of the first arguments, while it had already been established, was that life did not really begin at conception. Life began after the baby was born and took its first breath outside of the womb. While courts, congress, science and theology are in agreement that life begins at conception – this is still an argument – albeit a weak attempt. When this argument is made, you as a pro-lifer should quickly shut it down.

At a recent Senate hearing “A prominent physician points out that at these Senate hearings, “Pro-abortionists, though invited to do so, failed to produce even a single expert witness who would specifically testify that life begins at any point other than conception or implantation. Only one witness said no one can tell when life begins.”

Roe vs. Wade…?

Many on the left will argue that Roe vs. Wade set the standard and tone FOR abortion.  Did the 1973 SCOTUS decision really put its seal of approval on abortion? Not exactly, the ruling was more about a woman’s “right to privacy” rather than the seal of approval on abortion or a decision on whether life begins at conception or at a point further along.  As a conservative, we should not play to the left’s argument that because Roe vs. Wade stood, it means that life has been determined. We could have solved the undefined issue of privacy by debating whether women should be allowed to “wear” tramp stamps, had tattoos been illegal in the 1970’s.

Another interesting tidbit on “Jane Roe” is that she did later take time to declare how she had “converted to pro-life” and regretted her decision to abort. Anyone who chooses to do more research on her will find it interesting that On July 22, 1995, Norma McCorvey (jane roe) became a born-again Christian and a pro-lifer…

Norma McCorvey also initially claimed that her desire to abort was due to rape, however later court documents and her own statements later acknowledged that she had lied about being raped.

Norma also had 3 children and NEVER had an actual ABORTION. Her own affidavit also states how her abortion suit was greatly manipulated and had spun out of control to the point that it basically took a life of its own beyond her. In other words, she was used. Read her legal and publicly filed affidavit here.

“Abortion”, to me, meant “going back” to the condition of not being pregnant. I never looked the word up in the dictionary until after I had already signed the affidavit. I was very naive. For their part, my lawyers lied to me about the nature of abortion. Weddington convinced me that “It’s just a piece of tissue. You just missed your period.” I didn’t know during the Roe v. Wade case that the life of a human being was terminated.” – McCorvey (Jane Roe)

Save Mother’s life…?

The next argument is that in order to save lives, abortions must be legal. Everyday a woman’s life is in danger and therefore abortions should be legal. FACT is most women don’t know their life is in danger well after the first 3months of pregnancy. At that point most women choose not to have an abortion. Americans perform an average of 3,700 abortions a DAY…and only 6% of those are because of the health of baby or mother. Side note: Abortions are also not reported as the amount of total “deaths” when calculating world death statistics. When the CDC or WHO reports death rates and they fail to include abortion rates, it really skews the numbers as to how many “lives” we really do eliminate yearly.

I believe feminists twisted this argument. Point to ponder, are they really saying “save the life of of a woman“(not a mother) from infection or complications resulting from a back alley abortion.  It was not about saving mothers, it was about saving women who wanted abortions. We saving mothers by providing good pre/during and post pregnancy care. (reference the Maternal Mortality Report)

Rape and Incest…?

So we must “legalize” abortions because to rape and incest really are an epidemic. Fact is  only 1% of the abortions performed are for that reason. The article referenced earlier: Most women who are victims of rape and incest are not seeking abortions and those that do, have a much more difficult time with the abortion than they would have with the pregnancy. Of course, the left would try to convince you through argument that abortions are a NECESSARY evil to overcome the “apparent” outbreak of pregnancies resulting from rape and incest.

Is abortion REALLY necessary to the degree that the left will argue? When we have the left clamoring for the “legality”, freedom and in consequence of the abortion right, do we also need a portion of the “conservative” population agreeing to their subtle play on words and reasons?

Decide today if you will be part of the impetus that keeps abortions legal at the federal level and to a degree eventually paid for by our tax dollars.


Update: Someone mentioned how the legality of abortion is a blessing because some pregnancies are indeed unsafe. Certainly, in the course of this blog, I am not discounting the fact that some pregnancies do require “medical abortions” – (as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy or pregnancies that were WANTED) CLEAR danger to the mother is certainly a reason to perform an  “abortion”but as the reports show, these are small percentages.

  1. Kain says:

    And hilariously so many of you, though you will publically deny it, are the sorts to take your daughters, grandaughters or yourself in for an abortion because “you’re different”.

    Come back when your ridiculous bile is backed up by logic, evidence, science, medicine, law, definition or even statistics. Abortion should stay legal.

  2. Earl Tate says:

    Wonderful articles. Great job on the Abortion-lies-myths-facts …
    The post about the flag was fantastic also.


  3. Roland Hulme says:

    Rod – you’re right. I was unnecessarily rude and aggressive and I appreciate the fact that you responded to me with a bit more class than I did to you.

    I don’t think all conservatives, or all anti-abortionists, are idiots (because I’m fairly conservative and fairly anti-abortion myself.) I’m just frustrated at how many seem to think making it illegal will magically solve the problem, when it’s considerably more complex than that.

    I mean, let’s say we magically stopped all abortions tomorrow. How would America cope if we have a million extra babies a year, born mostly to parents who didn’t want them or couldn’t look after them?

    As I said, abortion is the symptom, not the disease. The disease is unwanted pregnancies and that’s the problem that needs to be solved. Sadly, beyond sex education and contraception, I don’t know how.

  4. Roland Hulme says:

    Rod, you’re right. If we make abortion illegal it will magically cease, overnight. It’s not like abortions have been performed, legally and illegally, for literally thousands of years. It’s not like there will still be millions of unwanted pregnancies and women who want to get rid of their babies, whether it’s legal or not. They’ll all just fall neatly into line with the law, because everybody in America always obeys the law (just like they do with the marijuana laws, for example. Oh, and look at how successful prohibition was.)

    Seriously – in the 21st century, there’s no excuse for 99% of unwanted pregnancies. Why is that so difficult to get your head around? If you prevented 99% of unwanted pregnancies, you could practically end abortion. Isn’t that want you want?

    I fear not – most pro-lifers are more interested in making abortion illegal than actually ENDING abortion. It’s a political thing – they don’t really care about the murder of unborn children. They’ll get a law passed and then sit on their bloody laurels congratulating themselves on a job well done while ignoring the fact that abortion will still continue. As long as they get their little political tick box filled in, they’re happy. Hypocrites.

    • Rod says:

      Roland, I am intelligent enough to know I know absolutely nothing about you and am trying to not paint you with a broad brush. This is a courtesy you are not lending me.

      You are right. There is no excuse for 99% of unwanted pregnancies. You are also correct in saying abortion will not stop if it’s made illegal. You are correct again when you claim if we stopped 99% of unwanted pregnancies, abortion would go down drastically. I apologize if I insinuated you were wrong here but I don’t believe I said that. What I said, after you called conservatives like myself “idiots” was that you were the idiot for thinking we could prevent 99% of unwanted pregnancies as we’ve had all the sex education we can possibly handle and still have way, way too many.

      By your logic (and the annonymous source who posted before you), nothing should be illegal because people are going to do it anyway. Drinking and driving should not be illegal. We should just educate people to understanding this is dangerous to yourself and those around you. Teach them to drink moderately rather than drive home drunk.

      To try and make you understand where I’m coming from in terms of legality, I feel having abortion legal legitimizes the procedure. There is nothing legitimate about it. You are willfully destroying a life. That’s unacceptable. Recently, there was an MTV show which showed a young lady who had an abortion. Surely you and I can both agree that if abortion were illegal, at least this abortion had been prevented.

      Also, your assumption the Pro-Life movement would end with abortion being illegal is misguided. Perhaps the Pro-Life movement as you know it today started in the 70’s. But there are many people and organizations who fought back alley abortions before that. People and organizations who are still around today and will be around long after you and I are gone.

  5. Rod,

    You make a good point, medically speaking. In the case of a “medical abortion”, it is similar to the differentiation people make between “discrimination” and “reverse discrimination” as if discrimination was only allowed to travel in ONE direction.

    Thanks for making the point about ectopic pregnancies…and for argument sake, let’s say the “baby” is considered alive at one point and then has to be “removed”/aborted…then i guess we can argue it was
    “medical abortion” – but i do get your point.

    When i say “abortion”, i guess i mean the “poorly” placed killing of an UNWANTED pregnancy…. perhaps we would benefit from a better term for a WELL JUSTIFIED MEDICAL procedure.

  6. Post by an source who wants to remain annonymous:

    “You correctly point out that many of the arguments for abortion have little support in empirical evidence. There is another argument that needs to be included: women with unwanted pregnancies are going to terminate them one way or another, so it is best that abortion be legal and handled by medical professionals. While I don’t buy the numbers that feminists pick out of the air for the number of women who would die in back-alley abortions were Roe V Wade struck down, this is the argument I find both most disturbing and convincing. Please refute it because I really don’t like this rationale.”

  7. Rod says:

    Roland, smart people like you have been pushing condoms and sex education for decades. You’re never going to stop unwanted pregnancies. I believe sir, it is you who is an idiot in thinking you can.

    What needs to stop is thinking you can take care of your “mistake” when you do become pregnant.

  8. Roland Hulme says:

    Where ALL conservatives AND liberals reveal themselves to be idiots is in ignoring this simple fact:

    It’s 2011. We can send men to the moon, split the atom and create new life forms in a laboratory. And yet we still can’t manage to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

    You say 99% of pregnancies are by women who just don’t want a child at that time. I say: They shouldn’t have got pregnant in the first place! With the pill, condoms and other forms of birth control that are between 85% and 99% effective, there is no excuse for so many people getting ‘accidentally’ pregnant.

    If conservatives pushed sex education and promoted birth control, they could actually effectively END abortion by helping eliminate unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Instead, idiots think making abortion illegal will ‘solve’ the problem.

    After all, look how well that worked in making marijuana illegal (it’s the biggest cash crop in America, and 1 in 5 Americans smoke it regularly.)

    Abortion isn’t the disease – it’s the symptom. To end abortion, you have to end the REASON for abortion, which is unwanted pregnancy.

  9. Rod says:

    Lady Ozma…I’m sorry for your friend’s pain. Many people pray for women in her situation. You are correct when you say an ectopic pregnancy doesn’t end well. But it doesn’t have to start with killing a child.

    Also, there are many Christian organizations that can help your friend and counsel her. She is lucky to have friends like you. Planned Parenthood is a buisness – any way you slice it. And they make their money on abortions. I urge you to look this up. Their goal is encourage an abortion as that is what pays their bills.

  10. Rod says:

    First off, welcome to Level 1. 🙂

    Second, there is no such thing as a “MEDICALLY NECESSARY” abortion. In the case of the entropic pregnancy, the baby is most likely deceased by the time the surgery is needed. In the case where the baby is not deceased, the surgery could try to remove the baby without killing it. In this case, the baby will likely die but it was not the intention. This argument is really just more lies to justify abortion. There is no such thing as a medically necessary abortion – that is, when you intentionally kill the baby.

  11. Lady Ozma says:

    One of the problems with the facts and stats is that they are rather cold. They don’t tell the story. And the story is where this issue shows the way we fail in the abortion debate (both sides!).

    X many women of y many women have an abortion in their life…
    Pregnant women die every day…

    These things… well sure they may be true but they don’t tell the story. And people tend to forget that abortion isn’t just a simple go and do it procedure that once it’s done it’s done. This isn’t like getting a mani/pedi.

    I am one of those women with serious health issues in regards to pregnancy. I have friends with even worse issues. I can see the toll that an abortion took on my one friend. Here’s her story:

    She is a good Christian woman. She considers herself pro-life. She has two children, however she’s been pregnant six times. Only her first pregnancy was trouble free. Her second pregnancy ended in a very traumatic second trimester miscarriage leading to a D&C. Her third pregnancy, she was on death’s door by the time she finally delivered. Four and five she experienced the same issues and those ended in first trimester miscarriages leading to D&Cs. Believe me when I say she was in a bad way.

    Her sixth pregnancy was ectopic. Now we all know there is only ONE choice for this. This is not a healthy pregnancy and it will not end in a happy baby. It is a serious complication and endangers the life of the woman. HOWEVER she was so traumatized by having to have an abortion. She still refers to it as “murdering my baby”. It’s been a year and it weighs on her. Logically one would say that it shouldn’t be different from her miscarriages, but for her it was. (She carries mourning for her miscarriages, but nothing like this.)

    The debate has failed her so much because there are those who vilify her for an act that saved her life. An act that protected her health. Furthermore, because she just went to her doctors, they just “took care of it” for her. But they didn’t take care of HER. Counseling is so important to a woman contemplating abortion or going through with one, no matter what the reason. Yet it is so often not even offered.

    Say what you will about Planned Parenthood, but at least they offer/recommend counseling no matter what your decision. This is good because no matter WHAT you choose to do once that test comes up positive, it is going to change your life. Many on the right and the left ignore this very major issue.

    • justmyopinion says:

      I’m going to apologize before hand for the appearance of insensitivity of my comment but if your friend had a history of complicated pregnancies and miscarriages, why not take preventive measures to not become pregnant?  I know having a hysterectomy is a hard decision to make but taking a gamble with every pregnancy is also a hard thing to do.  I think that many women who continue to become pregnant even though every pregnancy is high risk and has the possibility to end the mother or child’s life has the same motivation as those who abort their pregnancies, albeit on the other side of the spectrum.  The mother’s desire to have her “own” child out weighs the risks she knows are involved.  I would not advocate high risk pregnancies such as your friends as I wouldn’t advocate abortions for those who don’t want to give birth.  Prior to her pregnancies,  she knew full well that she risked having a termination of the pregnancy, either naturally or medically.  By becoming pregnant over and over agin without any precautions, she checked the figurative “YES to abortion” box.

      Sent from my iPhone

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