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We still have rights as States so we must fight as States…..that is our next step.

What do we do now?

1. call your attny general’s office and ask

  • what is the attnys plan AGAINST this HC bill?
  • will it be a lawsuit or a constitutinal amendment?
  • if it is a lawsuit: when will it be filed?
  • if it is an amendment: when is the legislature in session to start moving it forward?

2. call your Governor’s office

  • leave him your comments
  • tell him you want somehing to happen via AG or Legsistation

3. call your legislator and all other legislators

  • inform that you do not want this heavy handed instrusion of the FED govt witin the state
    They must respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights….you have the 10th amendment and they must respect it!

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Do not call once, call often. Let them know that we are watching our states too! Stay on top of what is happening and post it on your FB or Twitter….let us know what you find out.

Remeber, we are not looking to turn a system upside down!!! 
We want coverage for those that need it, but we do not need

1. the FED dictating us at the state level or taking OUR hard earned money to then divy it out.
2. we did not want this intrusion which was clearly gained by corruption methods and arm twisting.
3. payoffs and bribes affect our states and the benefits….we will not pay our money to pay off the districts that took the bribes.
4. their bribes add to the deficit and we will be paying higher taxes to cover these bribes, before it even gets to this new “entitlement” coffer
If you are a person of Faith, please continue to pray…..for strength, faith, and guidance.

Continue the fight!

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List of all attn generals