“Yo, my ringtone can’t hang either! Now I’m Pist!”

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 When Progressive thinking goes haywire… 


Written by R. Alexander Miller  Leeds, Alabama – November 9, 2009 

We have heard it millions of times, in all kinds of media, shouted to the heavens: Those of us “lucky” enough to be self-sufficient must reach out and help our “less fortunate” brethren.

In its face the statement is one that touches upon the richest fabric of our American culture.  Always look out for those of us in dire straits and help as best we can.  It speaks to the core of who we are as Americans.  Then, there are the multitude of unintended consequences that oft arise from public policy, 99.9% of which comes to us from the playbook of the Progressive left, which is almost never thought through and causes, in the end, much more pain and suffering. But alas, does indeed hit the ultimate goal they seek: Subservience and the perpetuation of the underclass which is driven and maintained by the dependency it causes.

To be sure, the Progressive left derives its power from social welfare policies which have turned a people as a whole from one of the hardest working in the world to that of an entitlement society.  We now have upwards of 40% of our population which pays ZERO taxes.  Think about that for a minute. Almost half of us do not pay a dime in taxes to the government. It is this segment of the population that also has grown to believe it is their “right” to expect to receive government care & assistance from cradle to grave.  Sadly, the great majority of these population group is black, Mexican-American (even more sad is, I belong to this group myself!!) or Illegally here.

We have an entire ‘Entry level’ segment of society which believes that is not necessary for them to wait any period of time learning their craft. They require pay increases and promotions now or as part of their hiring process and who cares if they know not the first thing about their work.  They fully believe they ought to lead and do so now.

We have a whole segment of the population who is no longer interested in fending for themselves.  We have made it so they expect to be looked after and taken care of almost from cradle to grave. They are a voting bloc now, and they now use this vote to elect politicians who make it a career to promise more and more entitlements even if it is impossible to support this spending.

One of the examples I have had in my mind for a while now of these ‘Good in theory’ proposals but with a number of still developing unintended consequences is a program called “Cell Phones for the Poor”.

‘CELL PHONES FOR THE POOR’… Who wouldn’t get behind this idea, pray tell?

It is an extension of an old Federal program, brought swiftly to the 21st century, in which rather than providing indigent folks with subsidized landline phone service, the Fed is teaming with TracPhone to provide low income folks with a free cell phone (oft a Motorola 175 model) and free airtime for them to have a communications tool available to them in the event of an emergency.

Again, a progressive idea, to be sure.  A fantastic way to help the fellow poor in providing them with the backing and assistance they may need should they find themselves in a car accident, get sick, house fire, or are assaulted.  I mean, who can be against that, right??

 Here are some of the problems I find with the idea as it is being implemented:

  •  I find no record of how the folks are selected to be qualified for this help.  This means anyone on a public welfare roll, or getting food stamp assistance is cleared to receive the phone and time.  INCLUDING single unwed mothers on welfare, young 20 something dropouts who spend most of their time dealing drugs or committing other crimes, etc
  • The amount of free time is dependent on the state the recipient lives in… Ranges from 68 mins/month upwards to several hundred minutes.  Currently there are 16 states in the national program.  The coverage has expanded to double what it was with landline subscribers to a total of 1.4 million recipients.  Statistics from the government state there are approximately 32 million more people in the country that will qualify for the program once their states decide to participate.
  • In the state of Alabama, we have a rather sizeable number of juvenile delinquents and illegal aliens running about which are now vocal complainers about the state of the program as it exists today.

Complaints run the gamut:  from Not enough FREE time (as in, “they cannot Represent properly with the home boys with only 100 minutes a month!!), to the fact that these entry level “free” phones are not such that they can change the ringtones to the ‘gangsta-rap’ tunes of their preference.  I mean, imagine the loss of street-cred if my phone goes off and Beethoven’s 5th plays instead of M&M or JayZ, right??  The Horror!!!

There is a big lesson to be learned from these policies gone awry.  The concept that made this the greatest country in the world is one that dictates that the individual is encouraged to do his or her absolute best in order to become what he/she wants to be. Individualism is to be encouraged and supported for it creates the forces that drive invention and business.  It is the complete opposite of a big government that takes care of all of us from birth to death.  There is a word for that experiment: it is called Socialism, and we already know it failed!

As Americans, we know that it is part of our charitable fabric to lay down a safety net to help the least lucky among us.  Yet that is all it should be, nothing but a helping hand to allow the not so lucky to get back up on their own two feet and begin to be productive members of society as soon as possible!

R. Alexander Miller

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Thank you, Alex!


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