Radical Muslims – Enjoying 1st Amendment Rights

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Bill of Rights, Politics, Terrorism, Uncategorized


Coming To A Street Corner Near You?


Aired on the heels of the Fort Hood Tragedy, I watched this video and admit I was expecting liberal MSM spin. However, I will admit I was impressed at the report.

Shocking revelation? Probably Not…I wonder if the citizens of NYC are slowing down enough to actually listen to the words being spouted by these “evil, self-declared hate mongers.”  Ok, so  evil and hate are MY words!  But self-declared mongers just doesn’t give the sentence the justice.

After watching the video, you have a few choices.

ONEBe proactive and spread the word to your #p2(blind liberal friends) or any friend for that matter…

TWO: Find a spot to stand, think about Obama (not Osama), Click your heals 3 times and quietly say : “There is no such thing as a RADICAL MUSLIM.  There is no such thing as a RADICAL MUSLIM. There is no such thing as a RADICAL MUSLIM.  Then take 2 asprin and call Obama in the morning.

  1. creeping says:

    The imam interviewed has links to Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood… don’t count on CNN doing much investigative work… they are the stealth jihads best friend…posted on it at our site

    now they are promoting some “new jihadi code” that still requires Muslims to kill all infidels… yippeee

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