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NBRA cartoon by Brett Noel 

Folks you really should be inflamed! After reading the post, feel free to peruse the included link below! I’m Excited!!!

Justice concludes black voters need Democratic Party – Washington Times 

You hear that correctly folks! If you are Black, you can’t possibly think on your own – you need the Democratic party to put candidates in front of you to choose from.  Not only that, IF you dare make a change or strip the chains from the system to make it truly free, don’t even try it – the Department of Justice will slap them right back on.  By order of President Obama’s Administration, and of course by default Obama himself. 

This solidifies my belief that party affiliate groups cannot survive without enslaving certain minority groups, PERIOD!  Those that think that by voting party lines is the way to do it because that party has a “group’s” best interest first and foremost it living in a dreamland. A dreamland that those who HAVE managed to escape to the outside see as a NIGHTMARE.

Perfect example of this “dream turned nightmare” is the recent and very LAUGHABLE situation the now Justice Sotomayor found herself  into on her way to the SCOTUS.  Granted, it was probably more like a temporary nightmarish daydream ….but non the less.

So point being, Sotomayor is crying,  blacks can’t think for themselves -> according to the DOJ and the Obama Administration.  I take it wont be much longer before the general idea that Latinos and Asians cannot think for themselves either leaks out and goes mainstream out in the open by order of the DOJ.  Of course those who manage to open their eyes and now look in from the outside,  know that is already the general consensus among Democratic party. But how long before they actually make it public – as in writing?

On another hand, my point is not necessarily that every minority Democrat should jump ship into the Republican boat. Point is, if you think any particular party has your interest in mind as a MINORITY constituent…well then you are blind. 

However, there are Blacks who have decided to explore other options. Do not let the color of your skin dictate your party affiliation.

Tea Party

Girl, you so brave!











martin_luther_king was a Repulican

Check that out!


So Sad, Sonia Sotomayor

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Comedy, Liberal, minority, Politics

So maybe she was not “crying” perse – but she did get teary eyed, which is an indication of distress, sadness, frustration….whatever.


Girl, you such a baby!

So yes, Sonia, that is what it is like being part of the administration that likes “control”. What did you expect? Geeze! Dont take my word for it. I believe it was Anita Dunn who used the word control.  Read the article here.