“The Birth” – be it so humble.

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Start

Here it is, my first “Blog” or is it “post”? Or “blog post”?  If you are some sofisticated blogger looking to come on here and bash my baby bloggin skills go ahead, but you are only going to be proving the point my “BLOG” is here to make. 

However, if you have ideas or advice, I am all for that. I never say I know enough or too much. 😉 

Rome was not built in a day – so I will have to work on it!

 I don’t think i will get into what the point of all this is – mainly my opinions and reactions to what I hear, see and read when it comes to some of my favorite pastimes.

  • Conspiracy theory? – Check
  • Conservative Reporting? – Check
  • Political Insight? – Check
  • Left-Wing Obsurdity? – Check
  • Nonsense point making? – Check
  • Minority Venting? – Check
  • Race Card Flashing? — Vinyl Record Scratch!
  1. matt says:

    good luck on the new blog. Look forward to checking it out.

  2. Lyssa says:

    Congrats on the new blog! We’d be interested in having you double-post your entries over at Austin Post (www.austinpost.org) to help you get more exposure and us get more interesting content. Email me at lyssa@austinpost.org for more info! Thanks, and good luck!

  3. Dennis B says:

    Congrats on your new blog!!

    Great to see that you were at the protest. We anti Obamacare folks must represent our position when the OFA, SEIU, OFA people show up for their “plastic” sign protests. I and several hundred of my friends will be in Austin on Sept 5 for the Stand Up for Texas rally. Hopefully, many, many thousands of us will make their voices heards on the capitol steps!

  4. cma056 says:

    This is a very bias slide show of what actually happened yesterday in Austin, TX.
    I was there, I was not bused , I live in Austin and I support health care reform .
    The true story is that we gathered over 2000 supporters of health care reform and our congressman Lloyd Doggett .
    If you want the true story is here. Ratio 20:1 at best. We are winning!
    True story here: http://www.statesman.com/news/content/region/legislature/stories/2009/08/30/0830doggett.html

    • rightwingminorityretort says:

      Cma056 – i didn’t say “everyone” was bused. And thanks for your link to the statesman.
      The 2nd paragraph of the article sums it up beautifully.

      “The event, sponsored by the liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org, drew enough people to pack the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church near the Capitol as well as two other nearby spillover sites with people still left on the sidewalks.”

      It was a sponsored event that was primarily quiet to the rest of the “non-liberal” public.

      the 20:1 ratio. PLEASE!!! At best it was 2:1. I was at the capitol , there were folks that were not bused siting around – but a large group came and went all at once.

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