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Took my little ones their first rally.  We kept our posters tame to prevent weirdo libs from getting too confrontational with my little ones.  There were plenty of kids, adults and TX Troopers. They were cautioning us to keep the kids away from the loud mouths. Especially the ones playing the loud music and dancing like it was 1999.  Dancing wasn’t all that impressive.

Enjoy! lots of yelling.  By the way, according to a local MeetUp group, the Lloyd Doggett TH mtg was going on only blocks from the Capitol.

I will post our poster pics soon.

kid signs

yeah its sideways, I know.


“The Birth” – be it so humble.

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Start

Here it is, my first “Blog” or is it “post”? Or “blog post”?  If you are some sofisticated blogger looking to come on here and bash my baby bloggin skills go ahead, but you are only going to be proving the point my “BLOG” is here to make. 

However, if you have ideas or advice, I am all for that. I never say I know enough or too much. 😉 

Rome was not built in a day – so I will have to work on it!

 I don’t think i will get into what the point of all this is – mainly my opinions and reactions to what I hear, see and read when it comes to some of my favorite pastimes.

  • Conspiracy theory? – Check
  • Conservative Reporting? – Check
  • Political Insight? – Check
  • Left-Wing Obsurdity? – Check
  • Nonsense point making? – Check
  • Minority Venting? – Check
  • Race Card Flashing? — Vinyl Record Scratch!